Lougheed & Associates, Inc. has been performing civil and environmental consulting services throughout Indiana for over 30 years. Our specialized services extend from Phase I ESA Reports to soil and groundwater sampling for Phase II Site Characterization and skilled remediation strategy selection and design for Phase III Correction Action. We have performed remediation system selection and design including large scale hazardous and petroleum soil excavation, ozone and permanganate injection systems for chlorinated impacted aquifers, groundwater pump and treat trailer system, air sparging with soil vapor extraction trailer systems.

A few examples of these projects are given below:

Project Name Speedway Redevelopment
Project Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Client Town of Speedway Redevelopment Commission
Contact Keith Veal, Sustainable Solutions, Inc., 1426 W. 29th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46802

(317) 536-8594
Dates 2008 to present
Status Working under a Brownfield Grant to perform multiple Phase I ESAs on industrial properties to be acquired by the City of Speedway for redevelopment. Properties investigated include Praxair Inc., Dotlich Crane, Speedway Industrial Park and American Art Clay. Phase II subsurface investigations are likely to occur at the end of 2009 under the Brownfield Grant.
Personnel Jason Lougheed

Project Name Parkview North Campus Expansion
Project Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
Client Parkview Health System
Contact Mike Westfall, Facilities Director, 10501 Corporate Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825

(260) 373-7032
Dates 2006 to present
Status Removal of all hazardous materials at various Parkview Hospitals prior to demolition. Primary Engineer for Parkview North Campus Expansion. Project involved Phase I reports, USTs removal, storm water design, site layout design, coordinating with City, County and State Agencies, managing various subcontractors, architects, and attending public meetings.
Personnel Scott Lougheed, Jason Lougheed, Kevin McDermit

Project Name Former Sunco Gas Station
Project Location Nappanee, Indiana
Client Ideal Homes
Contact Kevin Biggs, President, P.O. Box 549, Decatur, IN 46733

(260) 724-9131
Dates 2007 to present
Status Phase I and Phase II activities resulting in the removal of petroleum impacted soil and disposal at a landfill and chemical oxidation for the purpose of commercial development and revitalization of neighborhood.
Personnel Scott Lougheed, Jason Lougheed, Kevin McDermit

Project Name Morrill Motors
Project Location Fort Wayne, Indiana
Client Morrill Motors
Contact Bud King, CFO, 229 South Avenue, Erwin, TN 37650

(423) 743-7000
Dates 2000 to present
Status Phase II and Phase III activities for chlorinated impacted soil and groundwater, remediation under IDEM VRP, CAPR monitoring and reporting. Project included dual phase remediation system installation and chemical injection of permanganate.
Personnel Scott Lougheed, Jason Lougheed, Kevin McDermit